Hawaiian's Cabin

This cabin looks like a beach house. On the outside it's perfectly normal but on the inside it's HUGE. Also inside there is a passage way. If you went down you'll see that it splits into 11 directions. One for each god or goddess. Above it their names are written.



  1. Keira Clark

Lieutenant CounselorEdit

  1. Ali'ikai Kaʻaukai


  1. Declan Howe
  2. Morgan Brooks
  3. Lena Brooks
  4. Brandon Brooks
  5. Zack Maitland (Lono)


Up for AdoptionEdit

Campers who are not year roundEdit



  • Hiʻiaka (goddess of Hawaii and dancers)
  • Pele (goddess of fire)
  • Nāmaka (goddess of water)
  • Ku (god of war)
  • Kane (god of sun and life, king of the gods)
  • Lono (god of fertility, agriculture, rainfall, and music)
  • Kanaloa (god of the underworld)
  • Laka (god of fertility)
  • Haumea (goddess of childbirth)
  • Papahanaumoku, or Papa (goddess of life)
  • Wākea (god of the sky)


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