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Isabell (Bell) Arduianna
-Daughter of Arduinna, Protector of Forest, Forest Girl, Forest's Daughter

 Age: 15  Height: Unknown  Weight: Unknown
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: None
 Health Status: Great 
 – Forest are Quite and Peaceful.

Isabell Evanna Wilde
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Daughter of Arduinna
Protector of Forest
Forest Girl
Forest's Daughter
Important Information
Gender female
Family Arduinna, Peter
Mytholigy Celtic
Child Of Arduinna
Status Alive, 15
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height Unknown
Affiliation Camp
Weapons Boar Neckalce/Boar Sword
Species Demigod
Home Celtic's Cabin
Quests None
Also Known As Bell


On the January 15 1997, Arabella (Arudianna) met Peter Wilde at the Forest.  They fell in love, went to Peter'ss house and had an affair. The  Daughter , Isabell were born 7 months later.  wips.


PersonalityEdit Edit

Theme SongEdit

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