Second Floor

The Infirmary

Welcome to the second floor of The Main House! This is where the infirmary is. When followers are hurt, they go here. You will find large supplies of nectar and ambrosia here.

Those who work in the InfirmaryEdit

  1. Shawna (in charge)
  2. Alanna Lane (Daughter of Athena)
  3. Constance Shallcross (Daughter of Artemis)
  4. Sabrina Love (Daughter of Aphrodite)
  5. Helena Summer (Daughter of Harmonia)
  6. Vanessa Evans (Daughter of Apollo)
  7. Willow Mason (Daughter of Asteria)
  8. Elizabeth James (Daughter of Hermes)
  9. Lanna Noble (Daughter of Pandia)
  10. Melissa Grey (Daughter of Mnemosyne)
  11. Janet Mendez (Daughter of Bast)
  12. Annalee Small (Daughter of Psyche)
  13. Laura Winter (Daughter of Khione)
  14. Alizia Lang   (Daughter of Aine)
  15. Jazmine Prince (Daughter of Leto)
  16. Kaliakota Aldolpha (Daughter of Lupa)
  17. Maybeth Best      (Daughter of Lucina)

Current ResidentsEdit